Dcard is Taiwan's largest anonymous community, with a significant presence and influence among the younger population, where the users can freely exchange their thoughts and opinions while finding connections with each other. Currently, Dcard has over 10 million registered members and attracts over 22 million unique visitors each month. In addition to our existing community services, we're rapidly expanding into new areas such as advertising, e-commerce, video, character branding, gaming, and international markets. As we continue to grow our impact, we're excited to invite talented individuals like you to join us!
MaiCoin Group is the largest digital asset leader in Taiwan, possessing the highest trading volume and standing as the sole company with blockchain technology expertise. Established in 2013, it is a trailblazer in Taiwan's virtual currency industry, committed to promoting the mainstream adoption of digital assets through underlying blockchain technology and applications, providing the public with secure and diverse choices. Currently, its primary services include digital asset trading, extended digital asset products, and solutions for enterprise blockchain technology applications. Service offerings encompass the MaiCoin digital asset trading platform, MAX digital asset exchange, AMIS account network blockchain technology, Qubic NFT technology integration services, and more. MaiCoin's digital asset trading platform and MAX digital asset exchange are the world's first to introduce fiat fund custody, and in 2021, they led the industry in complying with anti-money laundering regulations set by the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission. Additionally, MaiCoin has storefronts in Taipei and Taichung, and AMIS Custody has successfully undergone security audits for SOC 2 Type I and Type II, along with obtaining ISO 27001 certification.
Moway Technology
摩維科技(Moway Technology)提供線上軟體平台客製開發與整合服務,以客戶價值、數據為驅動,致力打造強大且高效的平台解決方案。 我們的團隊集結了編織程式言的匠人、視覺藝術的魔法師、網站安全的守護者、洞察數據的探索家,不僅在工作中保持活力,從洞察到實現、從創意孵化到成果,每次的交付都能帶給用戶超越期待的體驗。 期待您與我們共同樹立業界Mo範,無所Way懼的加入摩維科技!


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